Top 10 best URL shorteners of 2021 Updated

Top 10 best URL shorteners of 2021 Updated

Top alternatives to Google URL Shortener
Since Google Url Shortener has been closed in March 2019, the Internet was looking for the best url shortener tool option. There is no correct answer because the good service for you definitively depends on your needs and your expectations. There are simple and fast shorteners for use in a hurry, shorteners with complete dashboards and tracking tools for brands, and even URL shortener service providers that you can accommodate on your own website.
To help you find the best URL shortcut services, we compared the main providers and how they providing shortener service against each other.

The 10 best URL shortener services


What makes a great URL shortener?

URL shorteners make sharing long links more manageable. Say you want to give a link on a business card, in an ad, or in another situation where hyperlinking is not ideal. A short url takes less, more memorable and makes your text neat.
Other cases of use for short URLs are to make a single link variations so you can easily track source traffic. For example, you can make one short URL for use on Twitter, which is different for Facebook, and one third for use in email bulletins.
Many URL shortening services offer a comprehensive tracking device that allows you to see who clicks on your link, where in the world they are, and what languages ​​they use. You can use this information to distinguish click-up rates, the browser your audience, and what your content is accessed. Some services even allow you to bring your own custom domain name to make your own branded service.
There are many free URL savings. And most URL shortening has a free service level, but you often have to pay additional features, such as metrics and customization. The URL shortening service that makes pieces for this list can be relied on and easy to use, and each stands out as "best" for special reasons.

Best all-around URL shortener

Linkr - Best URL Shortener Tool is a full-service for link shortener, and also business-grade URL shortener. If your needs are modest, you can use it anonymously to shorten long URLs and be on your way. But Linkr really stands out for its business offering. Part of the appeal is that Linkr tool is so simple and easy to use.
It has a dedicated User dashboard where you can track over 20 real-time data points, including the location of your visitors, organic shares, and more. Tools for tracking campaigns are easy to use as well, also you have options for the link expiry date, target location, and url link password as well for private link sharing purposes.
With Linkr's free limited account, you can customize the back-half your shortened URLs, track click rates, and get 10,000 branded links per month. The Basic plan provides a free custom domain, allows you to create 10,000 links per month, and shows more data about who clicks your links. If you need more from Linkr, there’s an additional custom pricing packages for enterprise users.
Linkr is the best URL shortener for small, medium, large businesses looking to brand and track links, and it's a great choice for small businesses that want to generate short URLs and follow their stats for a modest number of campaigns.
Core Features of Tool:
  • Your Custom Brand domain for short url
  • Make your own custom URL service from Linkr
  • QR Code for the Short Links after generated.
  • Share short links in social media anytime with share options.
  • Link Controls - Set Expiry date, password, Link description, Link Tracking.
  • Link Management - Complete control on your links
  • Privacy Control - Target Locatin, set privacy for short links
  • Premium Dashboard for Free Package as well
  • Detailed Tracking and Statistics
  • Splash Pages - Custom Landing Pages
  • Overlay Pages - overlay tool to display unobtrusive notifications on the target website.
  • Tracking Pixels - Add your custom pixel from providers such as Facebook and track events right when they are happening.
  • Premium Aliases - you will be able to choose a premium alias for your links
  • Robust API - powerful API to build custom applications or extend your own application
and many more features from , so that is the best url shortener tool ever.

Linkr price: Free plan available; paid plan from $6 /month


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